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AXI's technologies provide Peak Engine Performance,
Reliable Power and Lower Emissions

AXI specializes in fuel conditioning, treatment, filtration, water removal and emission control for
"Total Fuel System Management". AXI's fuel maintenance and optimization system technologies are not only Green Clean Institute Certified but it protects engines and injectors from damaging organic contaminants that occur naturally in fuel tanks responsible for carbon deposits, corrosion, failing injection systems, loss of power, incomplete combustion and excessive emissions.

AXI systems and equipment restore, optimize and maintain fuel quality, guaranteeing peak engine performance and reliable power while lowering operating costs.

AXI Fuel Maintenance Systems and Equipment are available in the USA and more than 70 countries worldwide through major engine distributors, marine equipment distributors, fuel storage tank manufacturers, and factory-trained resellers and representatives.


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I thought you'd be interested in two developments for me this week. I finished a 10,000-gallon tank that required 2 separate days. There are two points on this that should be made, the MTC 3000 performed flawlessly and proved itself well-designed for a task this large, the other point was that I treated the tank midway through the first day with 2 gallons of AFC-705 with a great deal of hope because the fuel had been in the tank without treatment for 8 years and was very dirty. We had a gap of several days because of rain before I could complete the second day and I was absolutely stunned at what AFC-705 had done with the fuel in the interim. It made the second day a cinch.


The other incident occurred when a local yacht owner called me back to help clean a reserve tank that we had not done originally. I had sold him an LG-X 500 for his Cummins main engine and he pointed incredulously at his Racor saying that it had never looked so clean and that he did not have to change it once; he also reported higher RPM’s, and much less smoke. So there you have it.

Incidentally, the gentleman who referred me to the 10,000-gallon tank is well established here in Southern California and I had to work hard to get a referral. He is bringing me in on an account in Los Angeles. Have you ever heard of AMTRAK?

----- Steve Edwards

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